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Holiday Inspiration!

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11/13/2015 11:55 AM


I love the way stampers share ideas. I have found that joining the Online Card Classes is a great way to get inspired and share techniques. They always have great instructors and everyone shares photos of what they create. 

This week of classes is all about Christmas, my favorite holiday!  Here are a few cards from the first couple of classes.


CARD #1: Merry Christmas Snowflakes
Technique:  I embossed snowflakes with silver and white onto watercolor cardstock. I used Dare 2B Artzy reinkers with water as my paint to wash over the background. The embossed images worked as a resist. Once dry, I added a few white gel pen dots for added snowflakes. I cut a curved edge on a piece of white cardstock then rubbed my versamark pad along the edge and used silver emboss to highlight the edge. This is a little hard to see in the photo but it looks great. The sentiment from the Ornament Tangle stamp set is straight but since they are made out of photopolymer, you can curve the stamp to match the curve in your paper.  I popped up the wight snow base to add dimension.
Supplies:  Dare 2B Artzy stamps Snowflake Wishes and Ornament Tangle, reinkers from our new Premium Inks (wild orchid, midnight blue and paradise), watercolor paper, silver and white embossing powder, versamark pad.


CARD #2: Fill Your Stockings with Blessings
Technique:  Love this CAS technique because I discovered one more reason to use my scoreboard.  Mask off the top inch of the cardstock. Use a sponge applicator with D2BA Pomegranite Red ink to add texture and color to the top of the card. Then line up the edge of the red and make a score line. Flip the paper over and make added, random, score lines down the rest of the white cardstock.  Stamp your stockings with D2BA Premium inks and use the matching dies to punch them out. Oops, I forgot to add red stickles to the holly before I took the photo. Add brads and twine to hang your stockings.  If you turn this card horizontal you will be able to fit 5 stockings on your card.
Supplies:  D2BA Premium Inks (midnight blue, pomegranite red, margarita lime), Family Stockings stamp set, scoreboard, twine and brads.


CARD #3:  Peace on Earth
Technique: CAS (clean and simple). This did not really match the class instruction except that we were focusing on clean and elegant along with embossing.  Use a swirl die to cut out a piece of white cardstock. Lay it on your versamark pad and make sure you cover the entire swirl. Use gold embossing powder to create this beautiful swirl. Use our new Ornament Tangle set to stamp and emboss the ornament onto red cardstock. Fussy cut the ornament out and pop it up on your card and add a bow.
Supplies: D2BA Ornament Tangle stamp set, swirl die, gold embossing powder, versamark pad, ribbon, red and green cardstock.

Thanks to Online Card Classes for all your great tips and techniques.

To my visitors...come back soon for some more inspiration and have a blessed weekend!

Added by Andrea D. La Vigne
November 13, 2015

All your cards are wonderful! I especially like the one with the stockings. Neat idea to use the inked portion as a "shelf"! I love the elegant look of your third card, too. Tfs! ~ Andrea
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March 16, 2016
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March 20, 2016
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April 7, 2016

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