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Hello and happy Wednesday Dare 2B Artzy friends! Tonya from checking in with you today. Hope everyone is having a good week. It is a short work week for me as I’m taking a couple of days off this week so I have been swamped which makes the week go by quickly, but then I am almost too tired to enjoy my time off. m sure some of you can relate.

I am here to share my latest Dare 2B Artzy creation featuring the Poinsettia Tangle Stamp set. If you haven’t already grabbed this stamp set, I highly recommend it. It has a gorgeous large poinsettia tangle stamp and some leaves as well as a smaller solid poinsettia. The sentiments alone make this stamp a must have.

For my card today, I was intrigued by the alcohol ink technique that Jennifer McGuire shared last week. I hadn’t ever tried any alcohol ink techniques before and had some free time last weekend. I purchased a few inks and some paper and spent the afternoon playing.

I can honestly say that this is absolutely my new favorite technique and the results it produces are absolutely beautiful.

To work with alcohol inks, you will need some glossy cardstock or paper made specifically for alcohol inks. I purchased the Ranger Ink multi-pack of paper which has 10 sheets each of glossy, matte and a silver cardstock that is pre-cut to A2 size. I got mine on sale at Michaels for about $6.00. Yupo paper also works for this technique. I also purchased a multi-pack of the Alcohol inks in 3 different colors, some Alcohol Ink Blending solution and some mixative paints in Silver. In addition I used some supplies I had at home which included a small paint brush, rubbing alcohol, small glass jar, craft mat or something you don’t care if it gets messed up.  Even a sheet of aluminum foil would work.

NOTE: Please make sure you are in a well ventilated room with a window or fan going before you work with these inks.

I selected a piece of the glossy card stock and selected two ink colors, Patina which is sort of a green color and the Flamingo which is a bright pink.

The keys to keep in mind with the alcohol inks is that they dry incredibly quickly on paper (seriously)! They also can be layered and reactivated. So don’t be intimidated if you aren’t happy with something at first and keep working at it.

I started by squirting a few drops of the ink onto the glossy card stock. The ink starts to spread out and absorb into the cardstock. As it’s spreading you can layer in more ink colors, add some varying colors. The real fun is adding in blending solution and or rubbing alcohol. Blending solution makes the ink move more and rubbing alcohol lightens the color of the ink and pushes it away.

Once I had a fair amount of ink on my cardstock, some of it was starting to dry (in under 30 seconds). I reactivated it by adding more color and adding in some of the Ranger Blending Solution and one of the mixatives. I chose the Silver. Before using the mixative colors you need to shake them very well. They have the little balls inside to mix up the inks as they don’t have the same properties as the alcohol inks. I dropped a few drops of silver onto the paper with my ink and used my paint brush and the blending solution and some alcohol and started moving it around on my paper.

Wherever it pooled up and I didn’t like the way it looked I’d just add in either a bit more color or dab at the spots with my paint brush and rubbing alcohol.

This technique is so forgiving. I actually started out with a bunch of big ink circles that had dried on my paper so quickly. It looked terrible and I almost tossed it out.  I didn’t want to give up so easily and figured what’s the worst that could happen if I just kept adding more inks, mixatives and blending solution on top of my ink circles. The specialty paper is also very forgiving as it can handle a lot of ink and it doesn’t warp or tear. It is really a pretty fool proof technique.

It is difficult to see it from the pictures but the Silver mixative created a beautiful silver marbling effect in with the ink on the paper. It is so beautiful in real life I’m so glad I didn’t throw it out. The ink dries into the cardstock and it retains its glossy texture. I can not even tell you how stunning it really looks and the camera does not capture that. I decided that the background, though not the traditional colors would make a beautiful non-traditional Christmas card. I just love non-traditional colors used for Christmas cards and decorations.

I know some people will be concerned about the Alcohol inks and their staining properties. I used a Ranger craft mat and it did get a fair amount of ink on it, but I used a baby wipe with some rubbing alcohol added to it and was able to get it out. I was also able to use some Germ-x hand sanitizer for the alcohol that I got on my hands and it came out pretty well (I actually keep a bottle at my craft desk because it takes a lot of things off your hands). You could also utilize  rubbing alcohol or the blending solution if you happen to get ink onto your clothes.

Once my paper was completely dry, I cut it down using a scalloped edge die and added a second silvery colored layer of cardstock underneath which I also cut with a pierced edge die.

For the beautiful Dare 2B Artzy Tangle Poinsettia, I stamped it with some Versamark and heat embossed with some fine detail silver embossing powder.

Next I tried to match my Copic markers to the pink in the background and colored the poinsettia. Once it was colored I fussy cut the poinsettia out. There is also a poinsettia die available for this stamp set, but I don’t happen to have it.

I added my background to a top folding card base made from some Neenah Solar White cardstock in 110lb.

I stamped and heat embossed my favorite sentiment from the set, Wishing You Joy in Every Merry Moment. That’s so cute, I just love that sentiment.

To finish, I added a few white pearls to the front of my card.

I highly recommend trying your hand at alcohol ink techniques. I hope to share some more techniques using alcohol inks in the future.

Be sure to head over to the Dare 2B Artzy store to pick up this Poinsettia Tangle stamp and die set as well as many other gorgeous Christmas stamps.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful crafty day!




Hello and happy Wednesday crafty friends! It’s Tonya from Krafty Enchantments. I am back today with a new card creation featuring the Dare 2B Artzy Tangle Jumpstart 1 stamp set and my favorite Swirls background stamp from Dare 2B Artzy.

First, I will start with the details for the background I created. I saw this background technique featured by Jennifer McGuire and had been itching to try it out for myself. This technique uses just embossing powder, background stamp and embossing ink.

To start, I cut a piece of white cardstock to  approx. 5 x 6 and took my Versamark embossing ink directly to the cardstock and smooshed the embossing ink all over the entire piece of cardstock until it was covered entirely. Note: I did re-ink my Versamark pad prior to starting this process so it was really juicy.

Then I sprinkled on some silver embossing powder from Hero Arts and made sure the entire surface was covered with the embossing powder. I tapped off the excess and then used my heat gun to set the entire piece. Although it may seem like you are using a lot of embossing powder for this process, it really is not as much as it seems.

Once the background was fully set, I placed it into my MISTI tool and positioned my Swirls background stamp from Dare 2B Artzy over the now silver embossed cardstock.

Before stamping, I used my anti-static powder tool and generously brushed it across the entire silver embossed background. This will help prevent the additional embossing powder from sticking to areas you do not want it.

I inked my swirls background stamp with Versamark ink and stamped a couple of times directly onto the solid silver embossed background. When I was happy with the embossing ink coverage in all areas I removed it from my MISTI tool and used some Violet embossing powder and sprinkled it over the entire background area. There were a couple of places that I did have to use a fine tipped paint brush to brush away some stray embossing powder in some other areas.

Now I was ready to heat set the background again. After a couple of trial and error sessions with this technique, I discovered that it is possible to over-heat the embossing powder and reactivate the base layer of powder. When that happens, your stamped image can disappear into the background. The trick is to keep your heat gun moving, moving, moving. You do not want to leave it in one area too long. Moving it allows the embossing powder to start to melt and adhere to the background, but it does not heat the background up too much in the process. It took a good 10-15 min to get the violet embossed image to set.

I think the result is amazing! It is so pretty in person. I love the violet and silver together. There are so many colors of embossing powder out there that there would be endless possibilities for this background.

Since I had used the soft violet in my background swirls, I wanted to play up that color a bit so I used that as one of my color choices with the Dare 2B Artzy Butterfly Tangle Jumpstart 1 stamps. I stamped each butterfly with Versamark and used Pewter embossing powder to emboss them. Next, I colored up the two butterflies that are in this set using my Copics using a mixture of cool grey, violet and blue greens and light blues.

I colored the butterflies by flicking out from the center with my darkest grey and going over each stroke with the next lightest color then flicking from the outer edges with my darkest violet or blue green color and flicking inwards towards the grey. I think it gives a pretty cool look to the color of the butterflies.

When I was finished coloring, I used the coordinating dies to cut out my butterflies which makes it so convenient and quick.

My original plan was to trim down my background swirls panel and frame the top and bottom with black cardstock. I am sure as crafters, we have all had days when nothing seems to cut straight. I was having that kind of day. I trimmed the ends, top and bottom of my Swirls background and when it set it against the black cardstock it just looked wonky and crooked. I tried a different trimmer and proceeded to trim off a little more. No matter what I did it just did not look straight. I even trimmed my black cardstock twice thinking maybe that was the issue. Rather than continuing to trim and potentially ruin the background, I opted to place the panel over the black cardstock at an angle and trim off the excess and that way it is all wonky, LOL!  I’ll just tell everyone I was being Artzy! My panel was added to the black cardstock with some dimensional foam.

Finally, I stamped the sweet sentiment, Butterfly Kisses on some black cardstock and embossed with some white embossing powder, trimmed it down and placed it on my card front at a bit of an angel.

I added two silver dots to embellish the front of the card a bit but did not do much else because the shiny silver and violet panel doesn’t need much embellishment as it makes it’s own statement I think.

I love the final results with this card background and how the colors work so well with the finished butterflies. It is such a pretty card.

I hope you’ll try some fun techniques using your favorite Dare 2B Artzy stamps. You’ll find links to the Dare 2B Artzy the supplies I used today listed below.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!



Hello and happy Wednesday on this long, short week! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful long Labor Day weekend! Mine was nice, spent some good quality time with my mom, hubby and my best friend and also got in some crafting time. However, I had grand plans to re-organize and clean up my crafting space but I was not able to get to that. I might have been pro-craftinating though because the lure of coloring and crafting is often better then organizing and cleaning. I know I will have to get to it soon though.

I’m popping in today to share a couple of fun cards I made using the Dare 2B Artzy Totally Tracy Be Always Blooming stamp set. I love the flowers that Tracy includes in her designs. They are always so fun a whimsical. The Be Always Blooming set is especially nice because the flower, stem and pot are each separate images so you can do a variety of stamping techniques with them.

To create the flower images, I first started out by stamping the flower pot. As with any stamp layering, you’ll need to create a mask for the foremost image in your stamping. For these flowers, the flower pot is the foremost image and so I created a mask by stamping the pot first onto some 90lb Neenah Solar White Cardstock. I then restamped the flower pot onto a Post-it Note. I used the full stick Post-it Notes for this, but you can just use a regular Post-it and align your stamp with the sticky edge and it works just fine to hold the mask in place.

With the flower pot stamped onto the white cardstock and my Post-it, I fussy cut the image out of the post it and positioned it over the flower pot I’d already stamped onto my cardstock. Now I was ready to stamp the flower stem. I positioned the stem so that a fair portion was going to be covered by the flower pot mask as I knew that the cards I was making would be a bit smaller than normal. Then I finally positioned the actual flower to line it up with the stem. These flowers lined up nicely otherwise I might have had to create a mask or partial mask for the stem.

Once both flowers were fully stamped, I removed my masks and was ready to color. I colored both flowers with my Copics, but I decided on keeping the colors pretty simple since there were other elements that would add color to the cards. When I had finished coloring I went back with a white pigment pen and added some doodle detailing to the flower pots. I kind of regretted it, but I was at a point that I was not going to start over so I just left the doodles.

I fussy cut each completed flower out and set it aside until I could create my background.

For the background, I wanted to try out a technique I saw the amazing Kelly Latevola demonstrate in a YouTube video. This technique is so super simple and the results are AMAZING!

To start, I used a piece of white cardstock that was about 5 x 6 inches. I pulled out my Distress Inks and gathered up the following colors: Abandoned Coral, Fossilized Amber, Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry, Spiced Marmalade, Twisted Citron and Black Soot. I started out with randomly blending and placing colors onto my white cardstock and blending it out with a blending sponge tool. I kept blending colors until my entire background was a mixture of gorgeous bright colors.

Next, I heat set the background a bit just to speed up the drying. It is very important that the background is fully dry before moving on to the next step. You can test the dryness by sprinkling on some embossing powder. If it sticks to your background is still pretty wet.

When I was positive my background was dry, I placed the cardstock into my MISTI and inked up the Dare 2B Artzy Swirl Background die with some VersaMark ink and stamped it onto my ink blended background. I re-inked and stamped again just to be sure to get a good clean impression. I took the background out of my MISTI and sprinkled it all over with some clear embossing powder. I keep my clear embossing powder in a container I purchased at IKEA that has snap closures and I keep a little ice cream sample size spoon in there which makes it easy to cover a full background. I just held my inked background over the container and sprinkled on the clear embossing powder until I had full coverage. I used my heat tool to heat set the clear embossing powder until it had fully melted into the Swirl Background stamp design.

I know when I tell you this next step, you are most likely going to scratch your head. Stay with me! I promise the end result is so cool.

I took my background piece and placed it onto a piece of scrap copy paper and I grabbed my Black Soot ink and took the ink straight to my background piece. You can use an ink blending tool, but I found it is easiest to just take the ink pad to the paper for the best results. I smooshed the Black Soot ink pad all over the background covering every inch until it was totally black. Again, this is a dye ink and it stays wet quite a bit longer, particularly when you use so much of it. I could have let my background dry on its own, but I am too impatient for that so I used my heat tool once again. You will need to be careful because heating the background can re-activate the clear embossing powder so it is good to use the heat tool in short increments and keep it moving to just dry the ink.

Once the ink was dry, I used a paper towel and began rubbing the background. This lifts the black ink off of the clear embossing powder and reveals the colorful ink blended background underneath. Once I had taken up most of the ink with the paper towel. I went back in with a baby wipe and a very light touch and went over just the swirls to remove more of the black ink. I was very careful with the Distress Inks as they are activated with water which can lift the colors in other areas you don’t want it too. I probably could have used a Q-Tip or something as well, but the baby wipe worked well.

The reveal of this background was like watching a magic show, seriously! It was so much fun and the result is amazing! This technique can easily be used for image stamps like flowers, shapes or background stamps. The sky is the limit as far as your ink blended background too. You could create a rain

Once my background was done, I used a simple scalloped frame die and cut a frame piece from black cardstock and a piece from white cardstock. Next I cut my colorful Swirled Background using a small rectangle frame and center. I used the frame for one card and the center piece with a white frame on the other. I layered up all the pieces onto a piece of black cardstock cut to 3 ¾ wide by 10″ long and scored at 5″ to create a top folding card. Then I took a piece of white cardstock and cut it to 7 3/8″ x 5 and scored at 3¾” to make a side fold card for the other and once again layered up all the elements.

I did not add any embellishments, just adhered the flowers to the card front using some dimensional foam. I think the background and flowers give each card enough pop that you don’t need to add anything additional.

I left the insides of my cards blank for now, but I think these would be great for a quick pick-me-up card to drop in the mail to a friend or relative. You can stamp any sentiment that is appropriate for your message or just send a lovely hand-written note. Who wouldn’t love to get one of those?

Hope you’ve enjoyed my cards today and are inspired to try out this fun background technique.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!




Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s Tonya from Krafty Enchantments.  I am back today with a sparkly fun Dare 2B Artzy card to share with you today.

This card uses one of my very favorite Dare 2B Artzy stamps called Big Bloom. While I like and have used smaller flowers from time to time on my cards, I always reach for the bigger flowers. The Big Bloom flower is a favorite of mine because I love, love, love how this flower can be colored to give it so much depth and dimension which is what I have done today.

I’ve wanted to create a card with a limited color palette for some time and thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

To start this card, I created a background first. I will admit, I am a newbie when it comes to a lot of products and techniques. Like you, I peruse blogs and watch videos for the latest and greatest techniques. When I saw glitter paste for the first time, I wondered how I could get my hands on some. However, when I tried it for the first time I wondered where this product had been all my life seriously! It is so sparkly and the colors are so pretty, I knew I needed to make a background with it. The glitter paste I used for today’s project is from Bo Bunny and the color is Caribbean. To create this background I cut a piece of white 110 lb cardstock to 4 x 5. I cut my cardstock a little larger in case I needed to cut the finished background down a bit.

I grabbed a stencil from Brutus Monroe called Paint Spots. It’s a nice stencil with a lot of imperfect circle spots on it that are each about the size of a dime which makes it perfect for a background. You can tape your cardstock to the stencil so it does not move or shift or you can hold it in place as you work which is what I chose to do.

Next, I used my pallet knife and dipped it into my glitter pastes and began smearing on an even coat of the gorgeous Caribbean blue sparkle. Once the entire stencil covering my cardstock was completely filled in with the glitter paste, I carefully removed the stencil from my cardstock. It is always a good practice to wash off your stencil and pallet knife right away to remove the glitter paste before it dries to your crafty tools.

Depending on how thick you put on the glitter paste, you may need to let it dry for a few minutes to a few hours. I always let it sit while I am working on other elements on my project and that is usually plenty of drying time.

Next, it was on to stamping my Big Bloom flower onto some 80 lb Neenah Solar White Cardstock with some Totally Black ink from Dare 2B Artzy. Finally, I was ready to color. In keeping with my limited color scheme, I chose some Copic markers that would match with the Carribean blue of my background. I used BG07, BG05, BG03, BG01, BG000 for my blues and then selected some cool grey colors of C7, C5, C3, C1 and C00. I colored the flower with the grey center leading out to the blue-green tips of the petals with a little highlight in between where the lightest colors blend together. The highlight helps give the look and feel of the petals bending back a bit and adds some dimension. I really love the finished look of the grey and blue-green together on this flower.

For my leaves, I decided to use a slightly different blue-green combination and colored them with BG23, BG11 and BG000 along with the C5, C3, C1 and C0.

When I was finished coloring, I fussy cut the flower out and added some Clear Spectrum Noir Sparkle to the white dots on the flower petals and a little sparkly gemstone in the center.

I really was not sure what type of sentiment I was going to add to my card. It just happened that I had ordered some stamps from Dare 2B Artzy and my order had come that day and it contained the perfect sentiment from the Fun Titles stamp set. The sentiment read, “You add Sparkle to my Life”. I felt that it was the perfect addition to my card.


I did not want my sentiment to detract from the rest of the card and my sparkly background so I stamped it onto some vellum with some Versamark and heat embossed it with some Blue Odyssey embossing powder from Nuvo. I cut the embossed sentiment out with a fishtail flag die.

Before assembling my card, I checked to make sure the glitter paste on my background was dry by lightly pressing my finger onto several of the background dots. I cut the background panel down a bit so that it was 3 ½ x 4 ½ and then I rounded each of the corners.

I cut a piece of black cardstock with my mini-scalloped rectangle die and mounted that to an A2 size white card base made from 110 lb cardstock with some dimensional foam. I layered on my glittery background and placed my flower on top with some dimensional foam as well. I used some strategically placed dimensional foam strips onto my sentiment and tucked it under my flower to finish the card.

I am thrilled at the way this card turned out with the limited colors used. I think it looks so pretty. The background dots really add a lot of pizazz to the card so it worked well to limit my colors on the rest of the card.

I hope you have enjoyed my card today. Remember you can pick up my favorite stamp, Big Bloom in the Dare 2B Artzy store today along with so many other awesome stamps and products. You can check all of the available stamps, dies, inks and papers here.

Hugs & Happy Wednesday!




Hi everyone! Tonya here from Krafty  I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far and that you’re finding ways to stay cool! I am not a summer person at all. I am good for about a week of 90+ temps and then beyond that I am ready for fall/winter again. It has been hot, hot, hot here in Colorado with temperatures in the 90 degrees the past few weeks which has me daydreaming about fall and cooler weather.

I am back today to share a fun Dare 2B Artzy card to today that will have you thinking about the tropics, at least it did me.

I started off by coloring the gorgeous flower from the new Wishing Happiness stamp set. This set has some beautiful, larger flowers which are great for coloring and showcasing all kinds of techniques. For my flower, I stamped it with some Dare to Be Artzy Totally Black ink and colored it with my Copic Markers. With our July challenge in mind I decided to color it with some bright yellow-greens, turquoise and pink colors. I love that with the larger flowers like this you can really get some good depth and detail in your coloring regardless of whether you are using your favorite alcohol markers or your colored pencils.

Once I’d finished coloring my flower, I was able to fussy cut it out and set it aside. Next, I stamped and colored two sets of the leaves from the Wishing Happiness stamp set. Again, I colored with my Copic markers choosing some complimentary bright colors and not the traditional colors of leaves. Who says leaves can’t be turquois and orangey-yellow right? Once I’d finished coloring them I fussy cut them out as well.

Once all of my images were colored, I was ready to move on to creating a background. I’d recently picked up a fun frame die from Reverse Confetti called Hello Square. It caught my eye because the sentiment was attached to the fun frame. The frame measures about 4 ¼ x 4 ¼.  I decided to use this die to cut a piece of my Dare 2B Artzy cardstock from the Artzy Doodles Variety Paper Pack. This paper is a gorgeous shade of teal-green which really complimented my colored images. I used the die to cut two of the frames; one from the Artzy Doodles paper and one from a piece of 80 lb white cardstock. I was excited that the polka dot edge of the Artzy Doodles paper lined up perfectly so I was able to incorporate that little polka dot border into the card design. I like the touch of variety it gives.

I wanted the hello from the die cut frame to stand out. To do that, I used a T-ruler to draw a faint pencil line along the bottom of the hello sentiment on the frame so that it would have a straight edge. I was then able to use my scissors to cut the hello off the frame. I was then able to take that hello and glue it on top of my frame that I cut from the Artzy Doodles paper.  The white hello that I’d removed from the frame worked out beautifully once I’d glued it over the attached hello cut from the Artzy Doodles paper. It is hard to tell that it was even from a separate die cut. Once the glue had dried, I used some clear Wink of Stella glitter pen over the white letters for some shimmer.

Finally, I was able to pull out my Distress Oxide inks to get inky and create a beautiful backdrop for my Dare 2B Artzy flower and the frame. I die cut a piece of 80 lb white cardstock from a square die that measured about 4 ¾ x 4 ¾.  Once cut, I used my ink blending took to sponge on and blend; Fossilized Amber, Spiced Marmalade, Picked Raspberry and Peacock Feathers, onto the white cardstock. I started with the Fossilized Amber and moved my way through the colors until I had a smooth transition of color. I did go back over the Amber and Marmalade a bit more to deepen the colors. Once I was finished, I spritzed some water into my hand and flicked and dropped it onto my background to activate the ink/water magic. It created some great water drops on the background which gave it some added interest. I set it aside to let the water drops dry completely before assembling my card.

My card base measured 5 x 10 and was scored at the middle point to create a top folding card base. Once my background was dry, I added some dimensional foam to my distress ink blended square. Next, I used some 1/8 inch adhesive tape on the back of the frame and on the hello letters to make sure it would adhere to my background. The adhesive tape worked better because the sections of the frame were too narrow for any kind of glue runner and I didn’t want to have liquid glue everywhere.  I left the top portion of the H without any adhesive tape on it so that I would be able to slide my flower in underneath the sentiment.

Once I had removed all the backing from the adhesive tape, I positioned my frame over the background and made sure it was straight before pressing it down onto the background layer.  Next, with a small amount of Ranger glossy Accents added to the back of the flower and leaves; I slid my flower in under the H in hello and over the upper right corner of the frame and then tucked one set of my colored leaves behind the flower. I decided to only use one set of leaves as I felt that two would have been too much.

Finally, I added some iridescent sequins to the front of the card for some extra sparkle. I love how they reflect the many different colors on my card. I think the iridescent sequins are my new favorites.

I think with all the wonderful bright colors and the gorgeous Dare 2B Artzy flower from the Wishing Happiness my card certainly fits the July Challenge, but it turned out to have a bit of a tropical feel as well which I really love.

Don’t forget that there are a few more days left in the July Challenge so you still have some time to create something bright and submit it for your chance to win a Dare 2B Artzy stamp and Ink pad of your choice. You could even grab the stamp set I have used today and create your own tropical themed card. I’ve added a link here so you can check out all the details of the challenge: Dare 2B Artzy Challenge Bright Colors July 2017.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s card and it’s inspired you to do something Artzy today!

Have a great day!



Hello to all my Dare 2B Artzy crafty pals! It’s Tonya from Krafty Enchantments. Hope your long 4th of July weekend was spectacular! Ours was pretty low key as the hubby had to work, so we hung out at home most of the weekend, took in a couple movies and had a wonderful 4th of July BBQ with my parents.

Although I didn’t get my craft room organized as planned, I did get in some crafty time and I have a fun, easy project to share with you today!

At last years Scrapbook Expo in Denver, I had purchased some stamps from another company that are made to be water colored. Recently that same company released a frame die as a companion to the square stamps. It’s made to fit them perfectly. Of course I had to have it, but like many of my products that I use, I knew that it could work for a Dare 2B Artzy project.

So today is the day to share my adorable stamped frame. I used the Art Impressions 3-D frame die to create this fun Dare 2B Artzy project. I just love how cute this turned out!

Here’s how I created this adorable project. I started off with some Dare 2B Artzy paper. Of course you can use plain, bland, boring solid color paper for this project, but why would you want to do that when you have all the fabulous patterns and colors of Dare 2B Artzy’s papers. For my frame, I chose to use the Diamond Bliss paper from the Modern Bliss collection. I cut the 12 x 12 piece down to be 6 x 6 pieces. This gave me enough room for the die to fit onto the paper.

Something to keep in mind, whatever patterned side you would like to make up the front of the frame should be placed face down against the cutting edge of the die when your run it through your die cut machine.

After cutting out the paper you simply fold along the two perforated lines on each side to create the frame. Then slide the tabs into the slots through to the back. Once through the slots, you can fold the perforated line on the tab.  I used some double sided tape from Elizabeth Craft Design to hold the tabs in place flat against the back. The double sided tape would come in handy later when I added the finished picture to the frame.

To add my Dare 2B Artzy stamped images, I cut a piece of Canson 140 lb water color paper into a 6×6 piece. The opening to the frame is 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches, which isn’t a huge amount of space. In order to figure out what stamps were going to work best, I placed the assembled frame on top of my water color paper and traced the center opening with a pencil as well as the outer edges of the finished frame. This allowed me to play around with placement of my stamps. Here’s a quick picture of what that looked like:

Initially I wasn’t sure which stamps I would use to create the picture for my frame so I got out several and began placing them into the square to see which would work best. Obviously, if you want to cover more of the entire piece, a larger stamp would work just fine.  I wanted some white space to balance out the paper on my frame. I used the Butterfly Tangle set and the flower from the Blissful Blooms set.

With my stamps arranged into my paper, I was ready to stamp them using my MISTI and some Versamark Ink. I made sure to stamp several times to get a clean impression onto my water color paper. Next, I sprinkled on the Ranger Super Fine Detail white embossing powder and heat set it.

I was now ready for a bit of water coloring on my background. I used my Zig clean color brushes to color in sections of the flower and butterfly and then used my water color brush and moving the color around a bit more to define the images. I love how fun and bright they turned out.


Once the images were dry, I added a bit of a subtle blue to the background to try to give it a sky feel and to further add contrast to define the white embossed images.

I added some clear Spectrum Noir Sparkle to the butterfly to give it a bit of shimmer.

Once everything was dry, I used an eraser to remove my pencil lines for the picture inside the frame and used the once on the outside to determine where to trim the paper down to.

I added some extra double sided craft tape to the inside edge of the frame to make sure it would adhere nicely to the picture.

I removed the backing to the tape and placed the completed picture in place so that it lined up with the outer edges of the back of the frame and pressed it firmly into place.

The final step was adding the die cut easel stand that comes with the 3-D Frame Die set. It cuts automatically from the negative space when you run the frame die through your machine. I folded the easel along the perforated edges of the stand and added some double sided tape to the spine edge that would be placed against my frame. The easel has one slanted end and one straight end. I placed mine so that the slanted edge would be down at the bottom, but I suppose if you wanted your picture to stand up straight you could flip it so that the straight edge was at the bottom. I lined up the bottom spine of the easel to the bottom edge of the back of the frame and then press it into place firmly. If you used a heavier cardstock or water color paper as I did, you may find that you have to tape the sides of the easel back together to get it to stand up correctly; otherwise it can be too heavy for the easel.

For a finishing touch, I added some glossy white dots to the inner corners of the frame. You could certainly go crazy with embellishments like Nuvo Drops, sequins, or even beads for this project and add a multitude of things to the finished frame. Another thought is to leave the easel off and punch a hole in the top of the frame and use it to hang your masterpiece.  Imagine what cute Christmas ornaments these would make for friends using your favorite holiday Dare 2B Artzy Stamp sets. I bet that put some crafty ideas into some of your heads. I know it did for me!!

I really hope that you have enjoyed today’s project. I had so much fun making a project which would showcase these awesome Dare 2B Artzy stamps.

Have a great day!




Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s Tonya with Krafty Enchantments. Hope you’re having a great week so far. I’m back today to share a new and somewhat different card creation for Dare 2B Artzy.

Last week I got the rare opportunity to leave work early and come home. It was just me and the dogs for a couple of hours. While I should have used that time wisely to clean and organize my craft space, I procraftinated (LOL!) and decided to play with my supplies instead. In the file box I keep on my desk with my “to do” stamps and goodies, I found a couple of sheets of Birch Plywood. I don’t know if you’ve ever crafted with Birch or even Balsa Wood? It comes in many different varieties for woodworking and crafts. The Birch Plywood I had comes in a sheet that’s 6 x 12 – much like you’d find a sheet of paper and is often a bit thicker than cardstock at 1/64th of an inch thick. You can find it at your local craft & hobby stores for around $2.00-9.00 depending on the size. It also comes in different thickness which is useful for various crafts and hobbies.

Previously I wouldn’t have thought to utilize this type of wood for my card making. I’d always assumed that these thin sheets of wood were very fragile, but I discovered that it’s actually pretty durable. You can cut it with scissors however, I’m not sure if it would cut with a rotary or blade paper trimmer.  You’d definitely want to use a deep, sharp blade if you’re going to cut it with a trimmer.  The cool thing about Balsa Wood is that I’ve been able to use my steel rule paper dies to cut it and haven’t had any problems.

I used a small scalloped rectangle die to cut a piece of the Birch Plywood and ran it through my Evolution die cut machine with no problems. Of course you do have to adjust your plates or machine to accommodate the thicker materials.

My card today started out very much as an experiment, but often those become the best kinds of cards. I had heat embossed on wood that was painted or stained on different occasions in the past and loved the effect that it can create so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this type of wood.  While I could have added a thin coating of Gesso to the piece of wood, I wanted to keep the natural look of it so I chose to experiment to see what would work.

 I tested various embossing powders on a piece of scrap wood I had first to see the results. I found that you really have to use an embossing powder that is made for super fine detail as the Versamark ink does absorb and spread (bleed) a bit into the untreated wood. Using a fine detail powder gives a better embossed impression so I ended up using Ranger Ink’s Super Fine embossing powder in white. I paired the wood with the cool leaf from the Dare 2B Artzy Paisley Bliss stamp set. I really love the gorgeous paisley images in this set – they’re so fun and versatile.  I stamped the leaf image several times on the wood to create a background pattern, even stamping off the wood for a partial image. I stamped and then embossed each image separately to be sure to get a good impression for the heat embossing since I was worried the Versamark would be absorbed too quickly into the wood.

Once my embossing powder was set, I started to play with inks and paints to see what the various results would be on the wood.  I ended up using the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens and painting each leaf with a couple of different complimentary colors Inspired  Violet, Aquamarine, Harvest Moon and Red Berry. I wasn’t sure how the sparkle pens would react with the wood since they are water based, but they didn’t bleed much at all. The colors do look a shade darker on the wood than on paper. They dried beautifully on the wood, however they pooled up on the white embossed edge so ultimately I used a round ink blending tool and blended the colors together a bit on each leaf being careful not to get ink outside the leaf outline. Since the Spectrum Noir Sparkle pens have a glitter to them, you can see a bit of sparkle on each leaf which was difficult to capture with my camera.

Once I’d finished coloring each of the leaves from the Paisley Bliss stamp set that made up my background, I was ready to add my sentiment.  I used the same scalloped rectangle die cut a piece of pink floral paper from the Artzy Doodles Variety Paper Pack and a piece of white cardstock at the same time. I really love that color of pink, it’s so pretty. I love how it kind of popped against my background of the leaves. Next I took my scalloped edge die and cut the pink Artzy Doodle paper so that it was slightly larger than the white cardstock.

My sentiment Find Your Bliss and one of small paisley stamps was stamped on the small white cardstock with Versamark and heat set with some Carnelian Embossing Powder.

I added some dimensional foam to the back of my Balsa Wood panel and adhered it to a white A2 size top folding card base.

For a finishing touch I glued on some clear crystal dew drops to the card front.

It is fun seeing a crafting experiment with different materials come to life as a completed card.  I guess I should take more afternoons off work to get crafty. Work less…play more – sounds like a good plan.

Hope you’re inspired to look around your crafty space or even on your next trip to the hobby store to see what things you can use for your next stamping & card making adventure.

Don’t forget to check out the Dare 2B Artzy store for a ton of great stamps & dies. If you’re looking for the Paisley Bliss stamps I used in today’s project you can find them here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous rest of your week! Don’t forget that the Coffee Loving Cardmakers Summer Blog hop kicks off on Friday, June 23rd through Friday, June 30th. Dare 2B Artzy is a super sponsor again so look for some amazing inspiration from the Design Team and be sure to hop along the way and leave some love for your chance to win!

Have an amazing day!




Happy Wednesday crafty friends! Tonya here from Krafty Enchantments.  I hope you are having a great week so far. I’m back today to share another card I created using some of my favorite Dare 2B Artzy stamps.

Today’s card features the feathers from the Dare 2B Artzy Dream Catcher stamp set and the matching feather dies and the Swirls Background stamp set.

Like most of my projects I started off by playing and experimenting. This time I was playing with my Color Burst Powders. If you’re not familiar with Color Burst powders, they are concentrated micro fine water color powders and they are so much fun to play with. They are very forgiving also so if you’re intimidated by water colors, give these a try.

I used the Tangerine and Fuchsia Color Burst Powders and poofed them onto a piece of heavy cardstock. When I refer to poofing I’m talking about squeezing the bottle so that a small poof of the powder comes out onto the paper. A little goes a long way with these powders so you don’t need too much.


With the powder on the paper, I used a spray bottle and thoroughly covered the cardstock with the water to activate the powder and blend the colors. When I’m using these powders I find that it’s easier to put a cloth underneath in order to dab off the puddles of liquid that pool and roll off the cardstock. To set the colors you can allow the panel to dry on its own or you can use a heat gun to speed up the drying.  

At this point you can add more Color Burst to the panel if you’re not satisfied with the coverage or blending of colors. You can just keep repeating the process of powder, water and drying as long as you’ve used a heavy weight cardstock or water color paper that can handle the water.

With my panel completely dried, I added some heat embossed swirls using the Swirls background stamp and some Carnelian orange embossing powder to give it a tone on tone look. I really love this Swirls background stamp and I think it looks amazing with this tone on tone effect. I die cut the whole piece with a larger rectangle die with rounded edges.

For my base panel, I stamped the various feathers onto the outside edge of a dark blue piece of a scalloped die cut cardstock using some Ranger Perfect Medium and then brushed on some Perfect Pearls Powders. The colors of Perfect Pearls that I used were Turquoise, Sour Apple and Forever Violet.  The powders really pop against the dark cardstock. I love the shimmer against the blue background.

However, Perfect Pearls are not smudge proof so I used some Krylon Spray Fixative and sprayed a coat over the entire panel to set the Perfect Pearls. I set the piece aside to dry for about 15 minutes.

I added my sentiment using some Sapphire blue embossing powder on a piece of white cardstock and die cut it with another one of my funky rounded square dies.

I wanted bring of bit of the background to the foreground of my card. I used some dark cardstock and stamped one of the feathers from the Dream Catcher stamp set with the Perfect Medium again and added some Perfect Pearls to it and die cut it out using the matching Dare 2B Artzy feather dies. I added some spray fixative to it to set the Perfect Pearls.

After the fixative was dry, I was ready to assemble the card. I added dimensional foam to all 3 layers and adhered them to each other on top of a white cardstock card base. I added the die cut feather to the edge of my sentiment.

Of course I had to add some bling to the card so I added some iridescent sequins to the card front. I was excited to use a new tool to aid in picking up the pesky sequins that I always seem to drop and get everywhere. The tool is called a Jewel Picker from Marvy and it works great for picking up sequins and small embellishments as it has a sticky rubber-like end on both sides that picks them up very easily!


I love how this card turned out. The bright colors and the shimmer from the Perfect Pearls makes my day.  I hope that it brightens your day as well and that you’re inspired to try out some different products or techniques on your next Dare 2B Artzy project.

Check out the Dare 2B Artzy store for these stamp sets and many others for all your crafting needs. Also, don’t forget that we have a new challenge that started this last weekend. It’s a summer theme so be sure to submit a fun summer themed project and you could win a stamp and ink pad of your choice from Dare 2B Artzy! Details are on the Dare 2B Artzy blog here.




Hi Everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous day! I’m back today to share my latest Dare 2B Artzy creation.

Today’s card was actually inspired by a relatively new product I tried out called Nuvo Embellishment Mousse. I was curious about this product so I ordered some off of Ebay because I could get several different colors in a set. I managed to get some really pretty colors to try out: Citrus Green, Indian Gold, Pacific Teal, Royal Aubergine and Orange Blush. When my package arrived, I opened it and my husband asked what it was – I told him it was my war paint. Crafting war paint, LOL! It would definitely make for some interesting, eye-catching war paint!!

I started to play with the mousse, testing it on different papers and I discovered that they looked very pretty on darker papers because they take on a bit of a metallic finish. When I used a small paint brush and applied the Pacific Teal, I was in love. It sort of looks like a black wrought iron fencing that gets a bit of a patina shimmer to it when you touch it.

I cut two pieces of black cardstock using a diagonal striped backdrop die. Ultimately I flipped one of the die cut pieces over with the strips facing the opposite direction to create the black lattice of my card. I brushed on the Pacific Teal Nuvo Mousse with a small flat paint brush, going against the direction of the diagonal strips of my cut cardstock. Note: I did not dilute the mousse at all – just dabbed my paint brush into it and then brushed straight onto my cardstock. You can add water to soften the consistency of the mousse as it’s very thick, like a clay. I’d imagine with water you could also use it to paint as well.

For my flowers, I stamped the flowers from the Dare 2B Artzy Happiness Blooms stamp set onto some Neenah Solar White Cardstock and colored them with my Copics. I used a limited number of colors for the flowers sticking with purple, teal, orange and some green for the leaves. I love the bold colors on these flowers as it makes them pop.

Once I was finished coloring, I fussy cut the flowers out and set them aside.

I’d originally planned to put some patterned paper behind my lattice but it really didn’t show up too well. Instead I decided to go with something that had texture and pulled out a burlap paper stack I had purchased quite a while ago. I found the last piece of the teal blue burlap and decided it would be perfect.

I cut the burlap down to just a bit smaller than the 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 of my lattice and used some clear all purpose glue to adhere the lattice and burlap together.

I created a cardstock base from some 110lb white cardstock that measured 4 1/4 x 6. I used the 1/2 strips of edging from the Dare 2B Artzy Medallion Bliss paper pack and adhered a section of the strip to both the top and bottom of the card base.

Next, I glued down the lattice & burlap background to the card base and positioned my flowers on opposite corners with some foam tape to give it some dimension.

For my sentiment, I used the Happy Brithday from the You’ve Got Mail stamp/sentiment set and stamped it onto a piece of vellum using some Versamark. Then I used some Blue Odyssey embossing powder and heat set it. I added the vellum sentiment flag to the card front using some Elizabeth craft tape, cut into 1/2 and placed behind the sentiment so it wouldn’t be as obvious.

I love that trying a new product can take your projects in unexpected directions. I think sometimes the best projects come from experimentation. I guess that’s the whole point of Dare 2B Artzy, right?!

Hope you’re doing some crafty, experimentation today! Remember your beautiful creations brighten someone else’s day and maybe even inspires them to create something as well.

Be sure to check out the Dare 2B Artzy store to purchase the gorgeous Happiness Blooms stamp set and the You’ve Got Mail stamp/sentiment set. The Dare 2B Artzy store has everything to fit your needs for your next craft project; from stamps and matching dies to inks and paper.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Dare 2B Artzy friends! Tonya here from Krafty Enchantments. Hope everyone had fun with last weekends Dare 2B Artzy 3D Spring Blog Hop? There was so much inspiration from my very talented teammates!! Hope you found something fun to try out or were inspired to create your own Spring 3D Project. I know I need to stock up on paper because there were more than a few things that I’d like to make.

I’m back today with another fun Dare 2B Artzy card to share! I’m using an older Dare 2B Artzy stamp set called Lift Your Spirits which features two gorgeous hot air balloons, some clouds and several sentiments which are perfect for several different occasions.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon, but just haven’t had the opportunity. I’ve also wanted to go to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, NM . Both are on my Life TO DO list. In the meantime, I’ll just have to settle for making cards with balloons on them.

To create the card, I started off by stamping the large balloon in the Lift Your Spirits stamp set with the Dare 2B Artzy Totally Black ink.

I knew I was only going to use a 2 color scheme on my balloon and I wanted it to be bold so I naturally I went with my Copic reds (R24, R27, R29, R59 and R89) and my neutral greys (N1, N3, N4, N7 and N9). I colored most everything leaving a bit of white on the scalloped sections of the balloon. I added just a hint of B0000 to the white sections. When the Copic coloring was dry I added a bit of clear Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen to the white areas of the balloon.

balloon 3 wm

As I was working on this project I kept thinking about the song, “Up, up and Away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…”. It was a song my grandma played on her record player when I would spend summers with her. Guess the song stuck with me, LOL!

Once, I’d finished coloring everything, I ran the colored balloon through my die cutting machine using the matching  Dare 2B Artzy balloon die. At the same time I cut a few of the clouds out of some white cardstock as well.

I was going to create a brand new background for this card, but since I was cleaning my craft space in my home office that I share with my hubby this past weekend, I ran across a stack of pre-colored pieces that I’d done before the holidays. I don’t know about anyone else, but many times I’ll color and image or play around with my watercolors, airbrush, stencils or whatever and create something. Those pieces may not fit with current projects that I’m working on and truthfully sometimes I don’t even like them, but I rarely ever throw them away because there may be a project down the road that I can utilize them. Also, many times I change my opinion about something I’ve created after I haven’t seen it for a while. It can save a lot of time having a background or colored piece that’s already completed when making cards. I have a paper tray that I throw them into and then when I go through it periodically, I find a treasure trove of art to be used and sometimes new inspiration as well.

 balloon 2 wm

That was the case with my blue background for this card. I’d created a 8×10 wash of water-color using my Gansai Tambi water colors a few months ago and I saw it and thought it would be perfect for my backdrop to my balloon. I cut the piece down into 4 sections (saved the other 3 for later projects) and die cut one using a scalloped square die. The die actually creates a stitched square and then a scalloped frame which are two separate pieces, but I used some craft tape on the back of it to keep the frame and square together. I used a larger scalloped square frame for the bottom layer and cut one from some grey cardstock and one from white and then swapped them to create the base layer with the white scalloped frame.

For my Dare 2B Artzy die cut clouds I ran them through my die cut machine with an embossing folder called Swiss Dots from Cuttlebug to give them a bit of texture.

I layered up the blue layer and my balloon with some dimensional foam to give them a bit of pop.

I stamped the “hi!” sentiment with some Versamark ink and heat set it with white embossing powder to the blue watercolor panel. I love that lowercase sentiment – it’s so fun!

 balloon 1 wm

All of my layers were matted to a piece of grey 110 lb cardstock that measured 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.

I hope you enjoyed my card today. Be sure to check out Dare 2B Artzy’s online store for the Lift Your Spirits stamp set and matching die. The die coordinates with all of the Dare 2B Artzy hot air balloon stamps so you can create your own Balloon Fiesta and send it to a friend.

Have a great week!